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Vanessa floored the gas petal, nearly making us skid off the icy road as we rounded the corner. "Jesus," I xvideos. com exclaimed. "Don't go so fast." "I didn't think you wanted to be late to your friend's house," she said sarcastically. I just knew she had a problem with going with Sebastian and Shannon, but I didn't realize it was this bad. She was trying to xvideos indo kill us for xvideos red Christ's sake. xvideos xvideos xvide She xvideos free continued to speed down the road recklessly, ignoring my pleas. "Just promise me you won't drive like this with Sebastian and Shannon in the car." She ignored me and we drove on in silence. I looked out the window at the passing street lamps and sighed. Vanessa was going to do everything in her power to screw this up for me. "Slow down," I said. "We're almost there." japanese xvideos I pointed to Sebastian's house and she pulled up in the driveway. I saw that Shannon's car was parked outside. 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Me and Sebastian kept giving each gay xvideos other quick glances, hoping Vanessa wouldn't catch us. "So," Vanessa said. "How long have you two been going out?" she asked Shannon as she picked up one of the sandwiches from the table and took a bite. "Oh, me and Sebastian aren't..." She stopped when she saw I was glaring at her intently. "I mean, about five months." Vanessa gave her a confused look and then videos x turned and gave me the same look. She knew something was going on. This wasn't going to be easy. Mrs. Reynolds came back onto the porch with four drinks and handed them out. "So, where are you all going to eat before the xvideos indian dance?" "We have reservations at the Rose Pavilion," I said and looked down at my watch. "And we really need to xvideos japan get going now that I see what time it is." 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If I had to guess what he was silently saying, it would be, 'Is she going to be like this all night?' "No," he answered her. His voice seemed xvideos free to be hiding some pent up www.xvideo.com anger that I had never heard from him before. "I play the cello though." The way he said it, it was as if he was just waiting for her to make a comment about it. "Excuse me? The cello?" She must www.xvideo.com have thought she was hearing things. "Yes," he said, looking directly at her. I had never seen him act with such determination before. He wasn't backing down from Vanessa and xvideos japan I found it rather entertaining. "Oh, that sounds... fun." She looked back down at xvideoss her menu again and Sebastian looked back down at his. The whole dinner went sort of the same way. Vanessa would ask us all these questions about how we knew each xvideos gays other and for how long and from where, and we would usually make up some lie. As xvidoes the night went on, we would make xvideos hd up more wwwxvideos and more extravagant lies, making inside jokes out of everything. xvideos mom Shannon was starting to really open up and be herself by the time the bill came. She must have been scared of what Vanessa thought of her the whole time, but only now was she starting to realize it didn't xvideos hd matter what Vanessa thought. xvide We were finally done with dinner and we all got back in Vanessa's car and started towards where the dance was being held. I'm not really sure why, but I was xvideos indonesia getting kind of nervous. porn xvideos More for Sebastian than for myself. Everyone there was going to xvideos video know me, and Sebastian and Shannon were going to feel really out of place. One thing was xvideos brasil certain though. This was going to be interesting. I'm glad everyone enjoyed Chapter 10. I indian xvideos got a huge responce from it, and I want to thank you all. If you're wondering just where this story can go now that we have the perfect little couple in the world, you're about to find out. The boys are about to be thrown into something that neither of them could have predicted. Their lives are changed forever and nothing will ever be the same xvedio again. My site is working now so go x video see it here roman_genesis.tripod/romangenesis/ and feel free to tell me if a xvideoss xvideos teen link is not working of something. It's been working for me. The first poll I made was kind unanimous, so me with suggestions for another xvideos.com poll xvideos tamil that hd xvideos won't hd xvideos be so lopsided. Just RomanGenesis to get a hold of me. If you're not on my mailing list x videos.com yet, just me and let me know you want to video x be added. The s I'm sending are turning into mini-newsletters that will have editorials, information about my various stories, and also additional information on yours truely. Until then, peace out! ================================================= Earth, As it is in Heaven By: Roman Genesis Chapter 11 All For One I xvideo rolled over and rested my head on Sebastian's xvideos download exposed shoulder. "You awake?" he asked. I xvideos porn yawned and said, "Yeah." He began running his hand through my hair like he had the night before xvideos teen and the sensation was slowly putting me back to sleep. I ran my hand over his smooth chest and smiled. "Sebastian, I don't know what I did to deserve you." He reached down and lifted my chin up so he could look directly into my eyes. "I never thought I'd love anyone this much," he said, tears of joy forming in his eyes. I brought my mouth up and kissed him gently before laying it back on his shoulder. xvideos japanese I ran my leg across his and ran my porno xvideos finger tips over his chest, teasing his nipples. I could get used to this! "I'm sorry about last night," he said after a few minutes. I was silent, so he went on. "I just get xvideo com so jealous of Vanessa. I get so upset that we can't share our love with the rest of the world." I lifted my head to look at him and noticed he was staring out the window. I didn't know what to say. There was no way anyone could know about us. www xvideos com Suddenly, the door to the room opened. "Sebastian, do you know where my..." Eric froze in his tracks when he saw us in bed together. My whole body tensed when I saw him. All of the blood drained out of my system as I stared at Eric in disbelief. This couldn't be happening. This had to be a dream, because if it wasn't, my life was over! "Oh my god," he said. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know..." He stood there for another xvidio second and then turned and walked out of the room. "Oh shit," I said sitting up. If it got out that me and Sebastian free xvideos were together, my life would over. "Oh xvidos.com shit, oh shit," I kept muttering. xvideos in It felt like someone had reached into my stomach and pulled my organs out. My mind was flying from thought to thought. What would happen if my team found out? Or worse, if my parents found out. I couldn't take it anymore. I fought back the tears that were xvideos forming xvids in my eyes. gay xvideos I didn't even bother looking at Sebastian. "Do you want me to go x vedios talk to him?" Sebastian asked. His voice was shaking. "Oh god," was all I could say. I remembered the very xvideos brasil words Eric had said to me in his room. You know he's gay right? I xvideos com could almost see him walking around school on Monday. You know Trevor McClain is gay right? I got out of bed and picked my dress pants off the floor. I couldn't concentrate on anything. Sebastian xvido was trying to get me to stay, but his words were muffled, taking mom xvideos a back seat to the billion voices in my head. 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I had been so x videos selfish. I hadn't taken the time to stop and think how this would effect Sebastian. "I'm www.xvideos.com sorry," I xvideos in whispered. The indian xvideos entire bed was shaking and I found tears were forming in my own eyes. I was trapped. Everyone eventually comes xvidios to a crossroad in their life when they must decide whether to leave behind everything they know, or fall back to relive their same pointless xvideos porn existence for the rest of eternity. My next action would decide the rest of my life. I could xvideoss walk out of this room and never speak to Sebastian ever again and protect my image, or I could take Sebastian in my arms and face the dying of the night. Neither path would be easy. "I don't know if I can do this Sebastian," I said. The tears were really flowing now. I never thought I would have to make a decision like this. I had spent my whole life burying my true feelings so far in my subconscious that sometimes I had totally forgotten. I had built my life upon a foundation of lies and everything was finally catching up with me. Every rational thought in me was telling me to run from this house and never look back, but www.xvideos com something was holding me back. I closed my eyes and let the shaking of the bed ease my mind mom xvideos as I tried to concentrate. I saw Vanessa and I saw Mike and xvideos porno x video.com the whole team. I xvideos porno tried to imagine how they would react xvidios if they knew, but I found that I couldn't think about it. It was too painful. I had seen hate in action a million times and I couldn't imagine myself being on the receiving end of it. I xvideos gay thought about wwwxvideos.com all of it, but mostly I thought about Sebastian. I remembered the first day he had walked into my Algebra class. I remembered every awkward encounter at school and then the moment on the street under the lamps when I had first held my prince in my arms. I knew xvideoscom what I had xvideos .com to do. I turned around and put porn xvideos my arms around Sebastian. At xxxvideos first he xvideos. com just sat there, but soon xvideos japanese he wrapped his arms around me and cried into my shoulder. "I thought," he started to say between his heavy sobs. xxx videos "I xvideos video thought I would lose you." I held him for a while as I let the comfort of this place fill my heart. I tried not to think about Eric or the team or anything besides Sebastian and I. x-videos Somehow, that made everything come into focus. I was so xvideos indo afraid what other people would think that I had totally forgotten what I shared with this boy. I lifted my head up and video x finally said with determination, "I'll never let you go." He was slowly regaining himself and he sat up and looked at me. I lifted my hand up to his face and wiped away his running tears and saw him for the first time. He was weak and helpless and he needed me to be strong. "You wanted to share xvidio this love with the world," I said. He shook his head slowly. "I don't understand." "I've made my choice. I want to share xvideo gay this love with the entire world. I want everyone to understand this connection we have that's more powerful than love." Sebastian smiled and kissed me gently. I couldn't believe I was saying this. I was throwing away everything I'd ever made for myself xvidos for the xxvideo love of this one boy and I meant every mom xvideos word of it. That's what scared me the most. "It's not going x vedios to xvideo gay be easy." "We can do xvidos it together," he said back. We got dressed and walked downstairs to find his mother and father sitting in the dining room xvideos mom eating breakfast. Eric was no xvideo.com where to be seen. Everything I did was done in xvideos video a haze. I was doing this, but it was so xvideos crazy and unbelievable, I couldn't imagine this was x.videos real. If xvideos anal you had asked me yesterday if there would ever be xvideos indonesia a day I would come out of the closet, I would have said you were insane. And now, here www.xvideo I was. Standing on the verge of something unfathomable. We stood there for a moment and they both looked up when they realized we weren't going anywhere. "Trevor, I didn't know xvideos jp you stayed the night. You boys want something to eat?" his mother said. She started to get up, but Sebastian gestured for her to stay where she was. "We have something x vedios we want to tell you," he said. I would xvideos gays have been lying if I said I wasn't x.videos scared shitless by this whole idea. We had reached the point of no return and I knew my xvieos life would be turned upside down once these words had been spoken. Mrs. Reynolds sat back down as a look of concern crossed her face. I tried to get a reading on what Mr. Reynolds was thinking, but you could never tell with xvideos hentai him. His gaze pierced straight through us. I couldn't take my eyes off his. Those, cold... dead... eyes... "Mom," Sebastian said slowly. "Me and Trevor are in love." xvideo gay No one moved a xvedio muscle and time itself seemed to stop for a moment. Mrs. Reynolds just stared at her son for a moment and finally turned and looked at her husband. Everyone's eyes followed hers and we tamil xvideos were all just staring at Mr. Reynolds. His face hadn't moved at all. He just stared at his son and then moved his gaze to me. All I could hear was the beating of my own h